7 thoughts on “Registration Form: Government Choral Competition

  1. Hi!

    This Eduard of the Voices of Malabon Chamber Chorus, the official Teachers Choir of Malabon City. I would like to ask about the guidelines about the chorale contest come Sept. How can we get into the elemination phase of the competition…

    • Government employees refer to permanent, provisional, temporary, substitute, co-terminous, casual, or contractual employees. Contract of service a.k.a. job order is NOT considered government service. Please take note that “contractual” and “contract of service” are two different terms. You may clarify your status of employment with your HRMO.

  2. Hello, Im Ronald Manila of LGU-Olongapo, just want to ask if we have still a chance to join the choral competition? I hope registration isn’t yet closed.

    • Participation in the choral competition will be by REGISTRATION with submission of COMPLETE requirements on or before the close of office hours of July 31, 2012:
      a. Registration form;
      b. List of singers, conductor and accompanist;
      c. Group photo; and
      d. Audio-video recording

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