Guidelines: Government Choral Competition




1.) Participation in the choral competition will be by REGISTRATION with submission of COMPLETE requirements on or before the close of office hours of July 31, 2012:
a. Registration form;
b. List of singers, conductor and accompanist;
c. Group photo; and
d. Audio-video recording
2.) Competition requirements and all incidental costs will be borne by the participating agency.
3.) All singers of a participating choir must be government employees. Any misrepresentation will be a basis for disqualification.
4.) A choir must have a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 members, inclusive of one (1) conductor and one (1) accompanist.
5.) Each choir must audio-video record two (2) contrasting Filipino choral works, at least one of which must be a cappella. (These same songs may be used in the FINALS, subject to the approval of the competition organizers to avoid duplication of songs).
6.) One (1) of the choral works must center on the competition theme.

AV RECORDING GUIDELINES (CD or DVD in .avi or .mpg format)

1.) It must be a raw recording. Any recording done professionally or which has been subjected to sound mixing/enhancement will not be accepted.
2.) It must be conducted without an applauding audience in a closed venue which is free from any unnecessary noise.
3.) The entire choir, the conductor and the accompanist must be within the video frame at all times. It is recommended that the recording device must be set up 35-40 feet in front of the choir.
4.) Before the first song, the conductor will stand 15 feet in front of the recording device to introduce the choir and the agency being represented.
5.) The first song must be sung right after the introduction and then followed immediately by the second song.
6.) There must be NO CUT or PAUSE in the recording from the introduction up to the end of the second song. Any camera movement (e.g. panning, close-up, zoom) or any form of post-recording audio and video editing is not allowed.
7.) It must be burned to a CD or DVD in .avi or .mpg format.


1.) Eight (8) finalists from among the compliant entries will be chosen.
2.) There will be two (2) finalists each from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and NCR.
3.) Finalists will be notified of their qualification to the finals plus the title of the competition song by email by August 8, 2012.
4.) Each finalist choir must commission an original choral arrangement of the competition song.


1.) Competition requirements, accommodations, meal allowances, costume and travel costs will be borne by the participants.
2.) Should there be changes in the membership of the choir prior to the finals, only 10% of the total number may be allowed provided that the new members are also a bona-fide employees of the agency. The new list must be submitted two (2) weeks before the finals to the organizers.
3.) Finals shall be held at the UP Theater on September 17, 2012.
4.) Each choir will be given a chance to conduct a short sound check at the venue prior to the actual competition.
5.) The order of rehearsal and performance will be by draw lots one hour before the call time to be announced by the organizers.
6.) Each choir will perform three (3) Filipino choral works to be sung in any order selected according to the following parameters:
a.) One (1) song centering on the theme, may be accompanied or a cappella;
b.) One (1) freely chosen a cappella choral work; and
c.) One (1) original a cappella arrangement of the competition song.
7.) Maximum performance time must be twelve (12) minutes. Point penalties shall be subtracted from a non-compliant choir’s raw score per adjudicator as follows:
• More than thirty (30) seconds over time alloted – 1 point
• One (1) to two (2) minutes over time alloted – 2 points
• More than two (2) minutes over time alloted – 3 points
8.) All songs must be sung from memory throughout the delivery. Only the conductor and accompanist are allowed to use music sheets.
9.) A common finale song will be sung by all competing choirs at the close of the program. Musical arrangements shall be submitted not later than September 7, 2012 to the CSCRO4.
10.) Participating groups must wear appropriate costume or attire fitted for this competition’s purpose.
11.) Minimal choreography may be allowed as long as the movements form an integral part of the pieces (e.g., clapping, foot stomp, body percussion).
12.) Accompaniment must comply with the following guidelines:
a.) Accompaniment is limited to only one tuned instrument per song.
b.) Indigenous instruments may be used as specified in the score. Additional players for these instruments must come from within the choir.
c.) Use of any electronic instruments and/or recorded accompaniment (minus-one) is not allowed.
13.) During the program, everyone must observe safety precautions at all times.
14.) Additional guidelines will be given to the finalists as necessary.


• The Board of Judges will be composed of renowned choral experts and music personalities to be identified by the Philippine choral experts and music personalities.
• The decision of the Board of Judges is final.


40% Choral Sound (tonal quality of the ensemble)
40% Musicianship (faithfulness to the written score)
20% Programming (variety, difficulty and suitability- to both the competition theme and the capacity of the choir-of repertoire)


Grand Prize : P100,000.00 and plaque
1st runner up : 70,000.00 and plaque
2nd runner up : 50,000.00 and plaque
3rd runner up : 30,000.00 and plaque

The four finalists will receive P 15,000.00 and a framed certificate
Best Arrangement of the Competition Song will be awarded
Best Conductor will be awarded to a bona-fide government conductor
Certification of Participation will be given to all participating choirs

Office Memorandum (GCC)


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