Guidelines: Essay Writing Contest


To download the rules, click on the file below:

CSC Essay Writing R & G_ May 14_Final


48 thoughts on “Guidelines: Essay Writing Contest

  1. Ma’am I am working at NSO as service contractor..I already have a sub-prof eligibility but still not a permanent employee..Am I eligible to join?…

  2. Greetings!

    Regarding the word count, are conjunctions (e.g., or, and, for, but, with, nor, yet, & so) included in the count?

    Thank you.

  3. dear sir/madam:
    hi! i would like to clarify if current government permanent employees without a civil service eligibility can join this contest? Anticipating for your swift reply. Tnx & Godbless.

    jing 🙂

  4. good morning

    our personnel officer called your office the other day and she said, she was told that the entrat should affix his/her signature at the last page of the essay entry. is that true? because we have this confusion since it is not indicated in the guidelines.

    thank you and more power.

  5. So, even if you have a sub-pro and professional eligibilities, and more than 18 years in government service, you are still “not considered” in the career service, and may not be able to join in a contest like this. How sad!

  6. Ma’am, i am a PNP member in Region 12, i don’t have my civil service eligibility yet.. my certification is still on process under PD 907…. Am i eligible to join the contest? Thanks

  7. To the organizers of the PCSA, thank you for the preparation you made for this year’s celebration. May we enjoy good weather on Sunday for the Fun Run. I will be there with my co-employees. I also have an essay entry… now there’s nothing to do but hope and pray that out of the 165 entries, mine will be noticed. By the way, will you announce the result of the essay writing contest during the fun run program?

    Thank you very much, and God bless on the upcoming activities…

  8. Hi,are you not going to post the list of finalist /winners on the website or on this blog? we are from the VIsayas,so its a long distance thing to call Mr. Rudy,unless there is also a text line. Thanks

  9. hi there!
    i just want to clarify, regarding your rule that states:
    “The title of the essay and the name of the writer/contestant must be indicated at the top lefthand
    corner and the pagination must appear at the bottom right-hand corner of each page”
    iyong title ng essay at name ng contestant at the upper left hand corner should appear in ALL pages as that of the page number, or sa 1st page lang siya? thank you po!!!

  10. i want to join the essay writing contest i hope its open for the general public not just among gov’t. employees.

  11. hi! there was info that the result of the civil service essay-writing contest will be announced this week. is it now forthcoming? thanks for the punctual announcement and more power!

  12. kudos! i am quite surprised to have immediately received your reply to my query. thanks! that’s the true civil servant. until then . . .

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