Announcement on the Fun Run

Good news! There might be slots left for those interested to join the Fun Run but have NOT YET registered. Please contact the race coordinators ASAP:

Director Claudia A. Tan
Tel: (02) 381-7681, (02) 740-8412 local 203

Mr. Henry Peliño
Tel: (02) 749-9026, (02) 740-8412 local 205

Take note that the 18-yr. old rule is now waived. (See Race Guidelines.) Students below 18 can now join as long as they submit a signed parental consent along with the registration form. For other details, please direct your queries to the coordinators. Thank you.


Announcement on the Submission of Essays

To all Essay Writing Contest Participants:

| Update as of August 8, 2:05 p.m. |

There will be no extension for the submission of entries. The Essay Writing Contest closed last August 3. All entries sent on that day, regardless of time, shall be considered.

Some of you have not yet received any acknowledgement email. Please bear with us as the Secretariat is in the process of sorting and checking each submitted requirement.

Thank you for your cooperation.


| Update as of August 3, 3:50 p.m. |

Today, AUGUST 3, is the last day for submission of entries to the Essay Writing Contest. Submit your entries to

Thank you for your great interest in this contest. Good luck to all!


| Update as of July 27, 3:10 p.m. |

There had been a technical glitch with the email account of the Essay Writing Contest. Don’t worry, it’s fixed now. To those who have sent their entries but have not received any acknowledgement, we will be sending the acknowledgement emails by today, or at the latest, Monday. Please bear with us. You do not need to resend your entry if you have done so. If by next week you haven’t been notified, please call Ms. Bernardita C. Erpelo or Ms. Cynthia D. Mangosing at (02) 932-0181, (02) 951-2639, (02) 951-2637.

To those who are yet to submit their entries, please make sure that you fill out the subject line of your email. Emails with no subject go straight to the spam folder. We recommend that you use specific keywords such as “essay,” “pcsa,” “csc,” etc. in the subject line, whether you are submitting your entry or just inquiring about the contest. Send your entries to

Please READ CAREFULLY the contest guidelines and this announcement. We would appreciate if you follow instructions. Thank you!


| Update as of July 26, 1:04 p.m. |

The committee on the essay writing contest sends an acknowledgment email once your entry is received. Please make sure you’ve sent it to the correct email address: Apologies for the mix up of email addresses.

If you haven’t received any notification, please contact Ms. Bernardita C. Erpelo or Ms. Cynthia D. Mangosing at (02) 932-0181, (02) 951-2639, (02) 951-2637.